September 3 2019

State Rep. Ken Gordon Announces Bid for 4th Term


Burlington’s state representative announced on Tuesday that he will be seeking a fourth term in office. 


“It is my honor to serve the people of Bedford, Burlington and precinct 3 in Wilmington in the legislature, as I have for the past seven years,” Rep. Ken Gordon (D-Bedford) said in a newsletter to constituents. “Much has been done, but with the authority gained by my time in office, I am in a position to do more. With that in mind, I look forward to re-election as your State Representative in November of 2020. I ask for your support and your vote.”


Gordon said he plans to kick-off his campaign with a November 5 event at the Burlington Tuscan Kitchen starting at 5 p.m. 


He also announced new additions to his host committee. 


“I am proud that Burlington selectman Jim Tigges, Bedford selectperson Margot Fleischman and former Bedford school committee member Mike McAllister are joining our host committee,” he said. “The committee already includes Burlington selectman Mike Runyan, school committee member Martha Simon and Bedford school committee member Ann Guay.”


In his announcement Gordon highlighted some of the initiatives he has undertaken in office, including the widening of Route 128 in an attempt to ease traffic and the shuttle program that brings workers from Lowell to Burlington to fill vacant jobs, mostly in retail and restaurants. 


“I am working with the administration as it issues regulations for two important pieces of legislation I filed,” he added. “I am proud that a bill that I helped author calling for paid family and medical leave for all workers in the Commonwealth was passed into law last summer as part of the ‘grand bargain.’  I have been working with the new Department of Family and Medical Leave to bring that program forward. I filed an amendment that was included in major reform to unemployment insurance, that will extend the benefit period for any worker who enrolls in an approved job training program. I testified at a hearing of the Department of Unemployment Insurance advisory board just last week, and those new regulations should be out soon.”


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