March 18 2020

Sullivan Funeral Homes Adopts Changes for Safety Amid COVID-19 but Remains Dedicated to Serving Grieving Families

By: Rich Hosford

The spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 has caused changes in all aspects of life and that includes how families mourn for those who have passed. 


“Everyday it keeps on changing,” said Kevin Sullivan of Sullivan Funeral Home about the situation. “There have been so many changes occurring every day over the past few weeks because of the Coronavirus. Protocols pertaining to precautions, restrictions, and sanitization, are being updated on a daily and even hourly basis.”


Sullivan said that for wakes and funerals they are holding to Governor Charlie Baker’s order that gatherings be kept to 25 people or fewer and have undertaken other changes to protect the public. 


“If families want to have a private wake with 25 people we’ll accommodate them,” he said. “The churches have been great but it keeps on changing everyday. The most important thing is everyone be safe.” 


Sullivan said he is also offering families the option of having funerals streamed on Facebook so that other family members, friends and loved ones can view the ceremony remotely. 


“Yesterday we live-streamed a funeral online,” he said. “We’re giving families that option.” 


Other efforts to keep the community safe include deep cleaning of the funeral home and a stop to registration books so that people are not sharing a pen. Sullivan said they will adapt further if the situation requires it. 


“Our funeral home is adapting to the ‘New Norm’ of this situation,” he said. 


For those who cannot attend the wake or funeral of a friend or loved one, Sullivan said there are other ways to show support for the grieving family. 


“You can give them a call and send flowers to the house and make a donation to a charity,” he said. “You can also go to our website where we have an online condolence page. There are lots of ways folks who are going to remain at home can reach out to the family.” 



Sullivan said that during this time, though precautions have had to be made, the core mission of Sullivan Funeral Home has not changed. 


“As a funeral home, our role has not changed,” he said. “We care for those who have passed and we care for their family and friends. We will continue to handle funeral arrangements and comfort those who are grieving a loss. If families are more comfortable talking on the phone, or by email we can do that or if they still want to meet in person we are always there for them. That’s what we do, we care for people.”


Finally, Sullivan said he expects that some families who have had to have private wakes and funerals during this time will have more open events when it is safe to do so.  


“We expect that families who have had private funerals during this pandemic might have an Anniversary Mass,and Celebration of Life event or dinner, and other forms of gatherings to honor and remember their loved ones,” he said.


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