December 12 2019

Temple Shalom Emeth Hanukkah Party


Come celebrate the Festival of Lights and enjoy the companionship and camaraderie of the Burlington community. 

Temple Shalom Emeth is hosting a Hanukkah Party on Friday, December 13th. Starting at 5:30pm pizza will be served as well as traditional Hanukkah fare; latkes. There will also be activities including an edible dreidel station, cookie decorating, Hanukkah photo fun, a dreidel estimation jar (guess the amount) and face painting. 

At 6:30pm a special Shabbat service will take place with 6th and 7th graders conducting the service and leading the congregation in song. They created their own unique skit to teach the congregation about the holiday, a game show called “Light that Candle”. 

Rabbi Susan Abramson remarked that this celebration is open to everyone no matter their religious background.

“Hanukkah festival of lights celebrates the Jew’s victory over their oppressors. No matter how often people try to destroy us or snuff out our spirit we’ve been able to prevail over the centuries,” Abramson stated.

Rabbi Abramson went on to say Hanukkah is not the Jewish Christmas. It has absolutely nothing to do with it. This celebration provides an opportunity for kids to feel connected to the Jewish community, their Jewish faith and traditions in a celebratory way and enjoy the uniqueness of their faith. 


Be a part of the celebration taking place at Temple Shalom Emeth, 16 Lexington St. in Burlington. For more on this event call 781-272-2351.

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