August 11 2020

The Burlington Players Annual Membership Meeting

By: Tad Stephanak

Annual Membership Meeting of the Burlington Players will be airing on Burlington Cable Access Television this evening at 7pm-8pm on BCAT’s Public Channel (Comcast 9, Verizon 39, RCN 3) and will steaming live of BCAT’s Facebook Page.


The Burlington Players welcome their members, friends and people of the Burlington community to watch and to hear about their past year of triumphs and challenges and possibly get involved in the theater.


Membership will look back at productions like Agatha Christie’s murder mystery “The Hollow” featuring a beautiful set, costumes and complex female characters. 


The award-winning playwright Susan Miller’s “20th Century Blues” presented the story of four women friends who meet once a year for a ritual photo shoot and discussing their changing lives bringing audiences to laughter, tears and cheers.


They will also reflect on the heartfelt laughter of “Things My Mother Taught Me” whose run was cut short by the growing spread of COVID-19.


The Burlington Players will also honor one of their own. A Burlington resident who has been active in the Burlington Players for most of their life will be bestowed with their “Lifetime Achievement Award” 


BCAT is excited to be carrying the Annual Membership Meeting of the Burlington Players and assist the organization in reaching out to the Burlington community.

For more visit the Burlington Players website or email to


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