Tiffany & Co. to Set Up 3D Printing R&D in Burlington

World renowned American jeweler Tiffany & Co. will be hanging a shingle here in Burlington. Following a unanimous vote by the Planning Board, Tiffany will open a 3D printing facility on North Avenue.


Moving into the high tech realm, Tiffany will research additive manufacturing techniques to atomized materials like silver, gold and other precious metals for use in 3D printing. The plan is to see if it is practical and workable. 


Planning Director Kristin Kassner stated, “It’s an exciting time and place to be in this (3D printing) field and I think we are going to see more companies come to Burlington to be around the research-and-development going on”.

Tiffany & Co. has always been a leader in fine craftsmanship this 3D tech facility is part of Tiffany's ongoing innovation efforts.

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