December 3 2018

Tips to Protect Your Holiday Packages

By: Rich Hosford

With more and more people turning online to shop for both everyday necessities and holiday gifts, more and more packages are piling up on front steps and porches.

Online shopping is a convenient way to avoid lines at the stores but it does open up the possibility of having packages stolen from your doorstep.

Here are some tips, provided by police public relations manager John Guilfoil and gathered from other sources, on how to protect your items from theft:

- Request notifications on your deliveries, via phone or email, to monitor your packages in transit and upon delivery.


- Always require a signature on your deliveries to ensure packages are never left unattended.


- Consider sending deliveries to an alternate location that someone will at to receive them – whether that be a workplace, a neighbor of friend’s house, or a FedEx or UPS location.


- Schedule your delivery for a specific date and time that you’re expected to be home.


- Set up a vacation hold if you plan on travelling during the holidays so gifts won’t be left on the doorstep.


- If shopping on Amazon use an Amazon locker. These are lockers located at various stores that have teamed up with the online retailer. While there are not any Amazon lockers in Burlington a look at this website shows there are lockers at the Woburn and Bedford Wholefoods.


Residents should never accept a surprise package or gift where a payment is required. Additionally, do not give out any personal information when retrieving a delivery if you initiated the purchase.


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