September 26 2017

Town Meeting Approves Addition $225,000 for Fire Station 2 Project

By: Rich Hosford

The Fire Station 2 project will continue as planned thanks to additional funds approved by Town Meeting.

On Monday evening the legislative body voted to approve the appropriation of an additional $225,000 for the project. This is on top of the $8,500,000 Town Meeting voted to bond last year for a new fire station on Terrace Hall Avenue to replace the old and inadequate facility currently there.

The reason for the extra funds, as explained in the backup and reiterated during Town Meeting by Town Administrator John Petrin, is that the site plan review is requiring a sidewalk and the planting of trees that were not in the original plan. In addition, it was found that additional geo piers are needed to provide proper support to the building, the background materials explains. Additional tests conducted after the original review showed that these geo piers were needed due to the quality of the soil.

Petrin said that if the extra funds were not approved there was a chance they would not be able to meet incoming bids and the project could be delayed.

During the committee reports on the article it was stated that Ways & Means voted 11-1 to approve the funds. The one “no” vote came from Larry Way, who explained his position.

“I had voted no because we’re adding some things like sidewalks and there is no sidewalk there so it will be a sidewalk to nowhere,” he said. “Also, $60,000 for trees? This project is for safety and these other additions are niceties. Why spend money on a sidewalk that won’t be used for a while and for trees?”

Petrin said the reason is that because it was required.

“Part of the site plan review was to require sidewalk and trees,” he said. “They are ‘nicety trees’ they are required. If we don’t approve this and we don’t have the funds for bids it will hurt us in the long run.”

In the end Town Meeting approved the additional funds.


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