August 14 2017

Town of Burlington Rolls Out New Website Design


The Town of Burlington has a new look on the internet.


Last week the town rolled out a new website for the town departments, public safety and schools that is a marked update over the previous iteration.


Town Clerk Amy Warfield, who lead the new website project, said the update is intended to give residents better access to municipal information by having a more modern, streamlined, website.


“The previous design was about 3 years old and there some functions it couldn’t do,” Warfield said. “We have new menus now with technology that we didn’t have when the previous site was created that are easier to use.”


In all the website revamp took between six and nine months, Warfield said. During that time she worked with other town departments to learn their needs.


“We spoke to people from the schools, library, Parks & Recreation Department and other editor users on the town side to get an idea of what we wanted to do,” she said. “It was a big process. It’s always harder to redesign something than to start from scratch.”


Another new feature of the site is its connection to department social media accounts. Visitors can see the latests tweets put out by some departments on their dedicated pages.  


Warfield said that since the site rolled out she has heard positive feedback from users and members of the public and there have been no major issues.


“I am happy with out it came out,” she said. “The last few weeks have been frantic to get it up. We haven’t had any big issues, little bumps in the road but nothing big.”


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