October 3 2017

Town One Step Closer to Having DPW/Recreation Facilities Central Hub

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Department of Public Works and the Parks & Recreations Facilities are working towards obtaining a new home.


On Monday night the Board of Selectmen chose a direction for a project to build a new central hub for the two department’s facilities by choosing a location.


DPW Director John Sanchez said for the past 10 years or so there has been a thorough search throughout town for appropriate locations. They looked at multiple parcels and even considered purchasing homes with land that could be used for a public works garage. Three years ago they narrowed it down to two possibilities.


The first, Sanchez said, was the Grant Ave location near the town center that is the site of the town’s salt shed. However, in order to make that work the town would need to purchase private property around the parcel it already owns. It would also need extensive permitting from the state to build a garage at that location.


“Grant Ave would be difficult with trying to get the properties and get the permits,” he said. “And we’d have residential neighbors.”


The other plan was to use two sites on Meadow Road. One is the current highway garage and the other is the former Clark & Reid site the town purchased a few years ago. Though the sites are separate Sanchez said this plan would be easier to get off the ground.


“The plan so far, nothing has been designed yet, will be to remodel the Clark & Reid buildings and put an addition to those buildings so we can house Recreation and Maintenance and Central Maintenance,” he explained. “And the current Highway site will be used to house Highway, Water and Sewer.”


On Monday night the Board of Selectmen voted 5-0 to support the Meadow Road project.


Sanchez said he was happy to have a decision made and the path towards a completed project undertaken.


“I’m very excited to see that we have direction,” he said. “We understand it will be a long process. It will take a lot to get approval of funding, design and permits but without that vote last night we couldn’t even start the process. So we’re very excited to start the process of building a facility that is well overdue for both the DPW and Parks & Recreation.


Sanchez said the need for such a facility is evident. Currently the Water and Sewer departments meet in an abandoned well house that does not have any bathroom facilities.



“It’s just four walls and a table,” he said. “That’s where they take their assignments every morning.


Also, at this time all of the town’s equipment is spread out in various storage spots around town. This makes it difficult to gather it together when a job arises and having it one place will remedy that situation, Sanchez said.


“So one advantage is we will have all the equipment in one place when we need it during an emergency,” he said.


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