January 23 2020

Town to Hold Annual Rabies Vaccination Day for Cats and Dogs


Pet owners, get your four-legged friends vaccinated against rabies and protect both their health and your and your family’s health.


The Burlington Board of Health, in collaboration with the Burlington Town Clerk’s Office and Burlington Animal Control Officer, will hold a Rabies Vaccination Day on Saturday, March 14, from 8 a.m. to noon at the Department of Public Works Highway Garage on Great Meadow Road (near Staples). There is no residency requirement to get a vaccination. All dogs and cats living in Massachusetts are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies. 


The cost of the vaccination for cats and dogs is $15 for a 1-year vaccine or $20 for a 3-year vaccine (cash only accepted).  The vaccines will be administered by Dr. Mian of the Merrimack Animal Hospital.  

If available, bring proof of your animal’s last vaccination. Dogs must be on leashes and cats in a carrier cage.


“In conjunction with the clinic, the Town Clerk’s office will be licensing Burlington dogs,” a notice reads. “After your dog receives the vaccination you can purchase a one, two, or three-year license depending on the rabies expiration date. Bring proof of last rabies vaccination, not the tag, to be issued a multi-year license.”  


Rabies is an infectious and contagious disease which can be transmitted to humans. The virus is considered to be 100-percent fatal if untreated. 


“Keeping your pets up-to-date on their rabies shots is not only the law but is also in the best interest of your animals and family,” the notice states. 

For more information regarding rabies shots, call 781-270-1955.  For questions on licenses, call the Clerk’s Office at 781-270-1660.  All information is posted on the Board of Health section of the town website.


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