August 20 2019

Treasurer/Tax Collector Curtin Announces Final Day Allowing for Appointed Replacement

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington’s longtime Treasurer/Tax Collector Brian Curtin, who was re-elected on the same day voters passed a ballot question changing how that position will be filled, has submitted the date he will walk out of Town Hall a retired man. 


As previously reported, on April 6, Burlington residents voted to approve a ballot measure making the Treasurer/Tax Collector position rather than elected. However, residents also re-elected the current occupant of the office who was on the ballot for another three-year term.


Curtin had actually announced his retirement in 2018 and was initially planning on not running this year. However, when then Town Administrator John Petrin said he was also retiring this year and it seemed clear that then Town Accountant Paul Sagarino would seek that position, Curtin said he decided to reverse course so as to not have too sudden a change in the town’s financial team and leadership. 


Now, with Sagarino in the top spot and Town Accountant John Danizio settled into his role, Curtin announced at last week’s Board of Selectmen meeting that he will be leaving on June 30, 2020. This date marks the end of that fiscal year. 


“It’s been my distinct honor to serve this town,” Curtin said. “It is difficult to leave a position I love and enjoy, that never was like a job. I enjoyed going in everyday.” 


Curtin added that he is looking forward to retirement but also wants to help make the transition a smooth one. 


“It is nice to retire and spend more time with my wife and family but I wanted the board to know that I’m committed to helping the board find my replacement,” he said. “I want to serve on search committee. I want to do anything I can to ensure the financial success of this great town.” 


Curtin said he is also working on a monthly log of everything he does and a list of recent changes and things in the works, including software changes, that his replacement will need to be appraised of. 


Board of Selectmen Chairman Joe Morandi said the board will work with Sagarino and Danizio to figure out a game plan for advertising the position. 


He, and other board members, also had some words of praise for Curtin and his more than four decades of service to the town. 


“I’ve said this before to you, and I think I speak for a lot of residents, when I say I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for this town,” he said. “You’ve served the town for 43 years and are a big part of the reason it is what it is today.” 


“You’ve always done great for this town and you will be missed,” Selectman Bob Hogan said. “It’s going to be touch having someone else in that office.” 


“Brian does a lot of things in the town and around the town,” Selectman Jim Tigges said, referring to the many volunteer positions Curtin holds, including as treasurer of the Burlington Youth Scholarship Foundation. “I thank you for all you’ve done for the town, for the residents and for the children of the town. I wish you all the best.”


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