June 4 2018

Two Cats Reported Missing: Help Owners Find Them

By: Rich Hosford

Two families were reporting missing cats in separate incidents on Monday and we’d like to help them reconnect with their feline friends.

Andy, the cat pictured on left, has been missing since Friday. He was last seen in the Mountain Road/Winn Street area.

 He is a friendly cat that responds to "kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty,” his owner, John, said.

John is very much hoping for his safe return. If seen please call John at 781-960-3161 or email him at scrapdogma@gmail.com.


Chloe, the 7-pound cat seen on the right, has been missing since last Thursday from the Lexington Street area.

Justin, her owner, says she is a very sweet cat but has never been outside before so is likely very scared.

If you see her please call Justin at (203) 506-6994.


Getting the word out about missing pets is a service we at BCAT are happy to provide. If your pet goes missing send us a photo with a description, the time/location it was last seen and any contact information people can use if they see your animal. You can also let us know if your pet should be approached or if that would likely make it run away.

We will post that information to our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as on our Bulletin Board that runs between programs on our three BCAT channels.

Email the information to bcat@bcattv.org. There is no charge.



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