March 29 2018

U.S.A Olympic Gold Medalist Visits Fox Hill Elementary School

By: Robert Parris




A very special visitor made an appearance at one of Burlington’s elementary schools on Thursday. Olympic Gold Medalist Kali Flanagan paid a visit to her old grammar school, Fox Hill.

Students and staff were very excited to see the member of the U.S.A Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team, as she spoke to students from Kindergarten through 5th grade about her journey to the Olympics.

Flanagan received a warm welcome back from the kids and their teachers at Fox Hill as signs were held aloft and gifts were presented made upon her arrival.

“To be back here and see all kids be excited to see me and the medal, the kids were absolutely adorable,” she said. “They all made signs for me, and it was really special to see how excited they were.”

Fox Hill Principal Ellen Johnson said she is very proud of the former student’s achievements.  

“I think she is a wonderful role model for the students, I love it when someone from this school goes off and does some wonderful things and are able to share their accomplishments with the children,” Johnson said.

One person who came along with Flanagan during her visit was someone who she looks up to the most, her dad. Bill Flanagan said he is very proud of his daughter’s accomplishments and looks forward to see where it takes her next.

“She has achieved something that was a dream of hers, for me as a father I’m very proud of her,” he said Just watching her work ethic and how hard committed she is to being the best player she could be,” Flanagan said.

Johnson believes children can achieve great things like Flanagan by finding what they enjoy doing and establishing a great path through education.

“Kids will be able to identify their interest, feel secure in themselves and follow their dreams,” she said. They will recognize that hard work and effort pays off. If they know themselves and enjoy what they love to do, they put the time and effort into it. They too can accomplish what they love.”

Mr. Flanagan wants his daughter to continue what she loves to do in her career and is proud to have children look up to his daughter as a role model.

“She is going to spread her message to encourage kids to follow their dreams and she is doing it in a genuine way and with a smile and I think people will believe her and follow her because she is a terrific role model,” he said.

Finally, Flanagan wishes children from the Burlington Community to believe in themselves and says that if they put their minds to it, they can achieve something great.

“I hope they have fun and follow their dreams and they need to believe in themselves and think they can do whatever they want,” Flanagan said.


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