August 25 2020

Watch State Primary Debate Featuring 6th Congressional District Democratic Candidates

By: Rich Hosford

Get informed about the upcoming State Primary on September 1 by watching a well-produced debate among the candidates for the 6th Congressional District that includes Burlington. 


The Route 3/93 DTC Coalition, comprised of seven Democratic Town Committee Chairs, recently held a debate featuring incumbent US Representative Seth Moulton (D-Salem) and challengers Jamie Belsito (D-Reading) and Angus McQuilken (D-Topsfield).


The debate, moderated by State Representative Tram Nguyen at the North Andover Community Access TV, was a conversation-style event that ran just over an hour and forty-five minutes. 


The topics touched on issues both foreign and domestic. They included international trade and trade deals, conflicts overseas and relations with international allies and partners. 


More close to home they discussed issues related to jobs, including how to ensure the local thriving biotech industry stays in the district. They also spoke on transportation issues, including the possibility of a new rail system. There was also talk about healthcare workers, both how to keep them in the region and how to protect them during the pandemic. 


One big issue was education. There was debate around how to open schools safely. There was also a discussion on how to fix underlying problems in the nation’s school systems. 


Housing, and how to make housing affordable for first-time buyers and seniors, was also discussed. They also spoke about protecting Medicare and Social Security. 


Finally, they discussed leadership and what makes someone a leader. 


You can watch the full debate here


Early Voting for the State Primary is currently underway at Grandview Farm and mail in voting is up and running. You can also vote in person on Tuesday, September 1 in the Burlington High School gyms from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


Town Clerk Amy Warfield recently went over all the ways you can vote in the primary and in the upcoming Presidential Primary. Click here to check it out.


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