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BCAT offers a variety of training workshops from the beginner level to advanced levels and a variety of areas of production. Whether your interest is in learning the basics or honing your skills with post production special effects or learning the advanced features of shooting with our cameras, we have workshops to meet your needs.



Upcoming Training Sessions

Orientation -Tuesday, January 31st  


Welcome to BCAT. Come on inside and get a tour of the studio and learn about your local cable access television studio. Burlington Cable Access has a lot to offer so come check it out.

Limit: None


Basic Camcorder - Wednesday, February 1st      


Want to cover an event in town? Shoot something on location? Whether it’s the big game, or group putting on a demonstration or you making your story idea come to life, you will need to learn the skills to successfully capture your event. This course will show you the basics when it comes to camcorders, microphones, tripods, shot composition and more.



Premiere Pro Editing   - Thursday, February 2nd    


You shot out on location and now it’s time to make a production out of all that raw footage.  Which take is the best to use? What is b-roll?  What is a timeline and what is it’s relationship to a sequence? Sign up for this class and find out.

Limit: 6


Breaking News - Tuesday, February 7th    

Sometimes news just happens while you happen to be there at the right spot at the right time.  The event is unfolding right in front of you. Seconds are passing by. This class teaches you what to do to cover the event. 

Limit: 6



Intro to Sporstscasting - February 14th    


Burlington High School is a hotbed of exciting sports games, and we want you to get involved in our coverage! We'll teach you some techniques of how to record your favorite sport and give you some tips about announcing. Is there a sport you want on BCAT that we currently don't show? We'll teach you how to get it on our airwaves!

Intro to the Tricaster - Wednesday, February 15th   


So you want to do a studio shoot with cameras and a crew to cover an event but its not in the BCAT studio. Impossible you ask? No, it's totally possible with a Tricaster! Take this class to learn how to set up and operate the station's newest Studio-in-a-box. 

Limit: 6 



Intro to Adobe Creative Cloud - Thursday, February 16th


BCAT has begun using Adobe Creative Cloud software delivered by the internet. Adobe CC gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, photography, and special effects. Intro to Adobe Cloud offers an overview of creative software like Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic design and photography. Premiere, video editing software commonly used by filmmakers from home amatuer to Hollywood professional. After Effect, a companion to Premiere holds a spots one the the most use special effect product in the world.  BCAT is also beginning to explore CC offering like the audio manipulation software Audition and Media Encoder for creating various video file types and sizes. This class offer a capitalization of the Adobe Creative Cloud; BCAT offers specific classes for Photoshop and Premiere.

Limit: 6 


Multi-clip Magic & the Keys to Key Framing - Tuesday, February 28th 


Learn the basics to using these two tools to enhance all of your video productions.  Multi-clipping allows you to combine different shots from different angles of the same event while key framing allows you to put motion into pictures and graphics. Two classes for the price of one.

Limit: 6 



Onscreen Talent - Wednesday, March 1st


Do you have dreams of becoming the next acting legend like Robert DeNiro or Meryl Streep? How about becoming a champion of late-night television like Jimmy Fallon, or even daytime talk shows like Ellen DeGeneres? We'll get you started on the path to stardom, by giving you the basics of what it takes to be on camera talent.

Who knows? First, BCAT. Then, Hollywood!!

Limit: 6 


Special FX - Thursday, March 2nd      

BCAT Special Effect Class shows you basic ways to create visually convincing illusions or visual tricks to simulate imagined actions and events. BCAT green screen effects can also place your production almost anywhere in the universe. This class shows you practical in-camera effects as well as basic application of digital and animated effects in post production.  

Limit: 6 


Advanced Camcorder - Wednesday, March 7th      


You know zoom in and out, and other basic functions of BCAT's camcorders. Now it's time to learn more! Take this class and take your camera skills to the next level.


Intro to Script Writing - Wednesday, March 8th     

Before any film or television show got to screen, it had to get to paper! Ever wonder what it took for Ben Affleck & Matt Damon to write Good Will Hunting, or Vince Gilligan to write the Breaking Bad finale? We'll show you the ins & outs of script writing, from action to dialogue.

Limit: 6 


Intro to Photoshop - Thursday, March 9th

Have you ever had an interest in Graphic Design? Adobe Photoshop is the cutting edge computer program for creating graphics and editing photos. BCAT is currently offering a workshop on the basics of Photoshop so you can understand the capabilities of the program.

Limit: 6 


Virtual Sets - Thursday, March 14th

Have you seen the great sets they have on movies and TV? Many of them are not real. They are virtual and only exist on a hard drive on a computer being used in the studio. These types of sets are only limited by the producers imagination. Take this class and make your virtual set a reality.

Limit: 6



All Classes Start at 6:30pm 

To register call 781-273-5922                                                

or drop by the studio



All BCAT training and workshops are FREE to residents or those who work in Burlington

To ensure space for new students all classes are reserved for first-time participants only 



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