BHS TV is a free after-school activity for all students at Burlington High School.

BHS TV meets every Thursday, 3:30pm - 5:30pm. 


BHS TV seeks to teach younger volunteers about the ins and outs of video production at BCAT. Under the guidance of Production Coordinators Chris Flaherty & John Viaes, members of BHS TV will learn to create engaging, entertaining programming that turns a spotlight on students, staff, and events within the Burlington High School community.


The work of BHS TV members has included short films, studio interviews, coverage of events, musical performances, and much more. AT BCAT, we work to educate high school students on all aspects of television production, and encourage them to use that knowledge to explore and make connections with the community at large. Many current and present members have gone on to produce their own programming for BCAT, and have gone on to pursue careers in TV and video production.


No experience? No problem. We will give you the tools and experience to bring a production to life. Members will get a taste of every aspect of video production, both in front of and behind the camera. BCAT and BHS TV also offer services to any teacher or instructor who would like to create any instructional video, taking classroom education to a whole new level. 



If you or someone you know is interested in BHS TV, email Chris Flaherty at or John Viaes at









"Produced by high school students, for high school students!"


"Speak of The Devils" is a monthly variety show featuring in-studio interviews, comedy sketches, entertainment reviews, muscial performances, and much more. "Speak of The Devils" turns a spotlight on the culture of high school students.


Do you have an idea for a future topic? Do you or do you know someone who would like to be a guest on the show?

Email us with your ideas! 



Click on the picture below to watch the latest episode!








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