Training Sessions

BCAT offers a variety of training workshops from the beginner

level to advanced levels in a variety of production areas.

Whether your interest is in learning the basics or honing your

skills with post production special effects or learning the advanced

features of shooting with our cameras, we have workshops to meet your needs.


All BCAT training and workshops are FREE to those who live or work in Burlington



WINTER 2016 Sessions:

 To register email or call 781-273-5922





Orientation                                              Tuesday, February 9th  – 6:30- 8pm

Welcome to BCAT. Come on inside and get a tour of the studio and learn about your local cable access television studio. Burlington Cable Access has a lot to offer so come check it out.


Limit: None



Basic Camcorder                                    Thursday, February 11th – 6:30- 8pm

Want to cover an event in town? Shoot something on location? Whether its the big game, or group putting on a demonstration or you making your story idea come to life, you will need to learn the skills to successfully capture your event. This course will show you the basics when it comes to camcorders, microphones, tripods, shot composition and more.





Go with the Go Pro                                Tuesday, February 16th – 6:30- 8pm

GoPro cameras are small mountable cameras primarily used in high action shoots like snowboarding, waterskiing, and mountain biking. The GoPro is also capable of shooting amazing time-lapse videos as well.  BCAT is offering a workshop that will teach the basic uses and techniques of shooting with a GoPro camera


Limit: 6




Intro to Photoshop                                 Thursday, February 18th – 6:30- 8pm

Have you ever had an interest in Graphic Design? Adobe Photoshop is the cutting edge computer program for creating graphics and editing photos. BCAT is currently offering a workshop on the basics of Photoshop so you can understand the capabilities of the program.


Limit: 6



Intro to the New Studio                           Thursday, February 25th - 6:30- 8pm

What’s new at BCAT? The new studio control room set up is what’s new. This class will include all the basics you need to do a production in studio as well as operating the new studio interface, the Tricaster.   Whether you’re brand new to studio productions or have done them before sign up for this class and learn the new system. 


Limit: 6



Let's Go Live                                            Tuesday, March 1st – 6:30- 8pm 

Live TV! Do you want to do a show and have the people watching call in and interact with the show? It’s said that going live is like “Performing without a net”.   Take this class and learn the things you need to know make it happen. Make it happen live!


Limit: 6




Hands-on News                                      Wednesday, March 2nd - 6:30- 8pm

Interested in learning how a television news story gets made? Come to this training session and learn by doing. We'll go through the steps of setting up the camera, introducing and closing segments and interviewing sources right here at BCAT.


Limit: 6



Social Media                                            Thursday, March 10th - 6:30- 8pm

BCAT can show you simple ways to use social media to exhibit, share and promote your BCAT show on the internet. You’ll learn easy to understand posting and uploading technique as well as ways of accumulating followers.  This class can give your show a boost interest and viewership through a consistent and relevant presence on the internet.        


Limit: 6




The Robotic Camera                                Tuesday, March 15th  – 6:30- 8pm

BCAT's new robotic camera serves a myriad of uses.  It can be used as Camera #4 in the studio,  It can be used as Skycam, and more. All of these uses can be added to your production.  Get different angles and locations in to your shot list. Take this class to learn how.


Limit: 6  


Intro to Sports Coverage                       Wednesaday, March 16th - 6:30- 8pm 

Burlington High School is a hotbed of exciting sports games, and we want you to get involved in our coverage! We'll teach you some techniques of how to record your favorite sport and give you some tips about announcing. Is there a sport you want on BCAT that we currently don't show? We'll teach you how to get it on our airwaves!


Limit: 6


Intro to Nonlinear Editing                     Thursday, March 17th - 6:30- 8pm                              

You shot out on location and now it’s time to make a production out of all that raw footage.  Which take is the best to use? What is b-roll?  What is a timeline and what is it’s relationship to a sequence? Sign up for this class and find out.


Limit: 6





 Set Design & Lighting                           Thursday, March 24th - 6:30- 8pm                           

 What do you want your show to look like?  BCAT has a plethora of set pieces and furniture to give your show the look you desire.  Lighting sets the mood and ambiance.  Good lighting goes unnoticed while bad lighting leaves all your efforts in the dark.


Limit: 6 



Cast & Crew Night                                   Friday, March 25th – 7- 9pm

Calling all Cast & Crew!  It’s a night put aside for you here at BCAT to be able to get together share your ideas, brainstorm and hangout with your fellows Long time BCAT people share your experience and well-earned wisdom. New to the studio? Come see how it’s done.





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