August 3 2020

Speak of the Devils: Winter 2019 Edition

Speak of The Devils is back with an all-new look and feel. Hosts Ethan Rousseau & Jolie Atwood welcome Student Council Members Colby Walzer and Colin Nguyen for a round-table discussion on topics important to teens today. They'll also speak with BHS Poetry Out Loud Winner Mikala Gnerre. Also this episode: Teen Voice with BNEWS Director Rich Hosford, BNEWS Sports Hub Corner with Liz Gillespie, Fake Interviews, Autocomplete Interviews, Brandino's Reviews, Broadcast Journalism Projects from Ms. Eshelman's Journalism Class, and a rousing game of Name That Holiday Tune. It's a New Year, and an all-New Speak of The Devils.


Click through the playlist below to watch some highlights from the episode...

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