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Town Meeting Information Sessions

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Town Meeting Information Sessions are presented by the Burlington Town Clerk to provide guidance and documentation on Warrant Articles, Propositions, and issues pretraining to Burlington Town Meeting. 

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Cafe Escadrille

Town Meeting Information Session ► Representing Cafe Escadrille - Watch Now

Tom Murphy represents Escadrille Realties, LLC for an overview of the warrant articles for Burlington's upcoming Town Meeting

Recent Meetings

Public Transportation

Town Meeting Information Session ► Public Transportation Overview

An overview on the town of Burlington's Public Transportation services for the upcoming Town Meeting Watch Video

DPW Warrant Articles

Town Meeting Information Session ► DPW Warrant Articles Overview

A look at the current warrant articles from the Department of Public Works for the upcoming Burlington Town Meeting Watch Video

Town Schools Network Protection

Town Meeting Information Session ► Town and Schools Network Protection

An overview on a five-year plan for the town of Burlington's Network Infrastructure and Enterprise Security Solutions for the Town... Watch Video


Town Meeting Information Session ► Fiscal Year 2021 Overview

A look at the budget for Fiscal Year 2021, which is on deck for this spring's Town Meeting... Watch Video

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