April 3 2020

Burlington Blooms

Comcast - Ch. 9   |   RCN - Ch. 3   |   Verizon - Ch. 39

         Tuesday - 7:30 PM

    Wednesday - 2:30 PM & 7:30 PM

        Thursday - 11:30 AM 


Join Julie Eggleston & Heidi Mover on Burlington Blooms as they check out what's growing in Burlington. From community gardens to home gardens, discover some of the hidden gems in town. Explore local gardens to see what each season brings in New England. 

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Burl Blooms Bennett Garden

Burlington Blooms: Bennett Garden, Part 2 - Watch Now

Beat the winter blues with Julie and Heidi and a new episode of their show "Burlington Blooms." Watch as they take us on a tour of Dotty and Walter Bennett's...

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