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 July 23 2019

The Ridiculous Show

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The Ridiculous Show is a show that give you an idea of how crazy the world has gotten with scientific ideas. Show host Dhruvesh Rana, a senior in Burlington High School, and Other hosts, contain students from Burligton High School and Shawsheen Technical High school. We are here to discover the truth or bust the ideas of some of the well known theories around the world, you will recognize some of these theories which inculdes the "Theory of Multiverse" , The ideas of "Telekinesis"/"Psychokinesis" and many more, we even talk about idea of having power to run fast like The Flash or the power to change realities like Doctor Starange. So join us on the adventure of curiosity to find the truths behind these ridiculous theories. If you have any Question, Comments or Suggestion for the show, email at

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Episode 1: Theory of Multiverse - Watch Now

This is the first episode of The Ridicoulous Show where we talk abou the theory of multiverse, hosted by Dhruvesh Rana and Brendan Lucas.

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