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Spring Sports Coverage

The 2016 Spring Sports season is heating up, and BCAT is excited to cover the talented athletes of Burlington High School, but we can’t do it all by ourselves. We are looking for volunteers to help us record all the action around town.

Covering sporting events is a thrilling way to be involved in the community. BCAT can provide you with all the training you need to help you set up, operate, and break down our field cameras. If you’d like to be even more hands-on, we can also teach you how to give exciting commentary and create on-screen scoreboard graphics for the games you cover.

If you’d like to lend a hand and learn how to share the excitement of BHS Winter Sports with the town, please call BCAT at (781) 273-5922 or email

Below is a schedule of all home games for every team:


Thursday, April 73:45 PMvs. ReadingFrancis Wyman
Friday, April 153:45 PMvs. WoburnFrancis Wyman
Wednesday, April 2010:00 AMvs. WinchesterFrancis Wyman
Monday, April 253:45 PMvs. MelroseFrancis Wyman
Monday, May 23:45 PMvs. WilmingtonFrancis Wyman
Monday, May 93:45 PMvs. LexingtonFrancis Wyman
Wednesday, May 113:45 PMvs. WatertownFrancis Wyman
Monday, May 163:45 PMvs. StonehamFrancis Wyman
Wednesday, May 183:45 PMvs. WakefieldFrancis Wyman
Wednesday, May 253:45 PMvs. Cambridge Rindge & LatinFrancis Wyman


Thursday, March 31TBAvs. BillericaMarvin Field
Friday, April 83:45 PMvs. Austin PrepMarvin Field
Friday, April 153:45 PMvs. WoburnMarvin Field
Wednesday, April 2010:00 AMvs. WinchesterMarvin Field
Monday, April 253:45 PMvs. MelroseMarvin Field
Monday, May 23:45 PMvs. WilmingtonMarvin Field
Monday, May 93:45 PMvs. LexingtonMarvin Field
Wednesday, May 113:45 PMvs. WatertownMarvin Field
Monday, May 163:45 PMvs. StonehamMarvin Field
Wednesday, May 183:45 PMvs. WakefieldMarvin Field
Monday, May 233:45 PMvs. ChelmsfordMarvin Field


Tuesday, April 125:00 PMvs. WoburnBHS
Friday, April 155:00 PMvs. MelroseBHS
Friday, April 295:00 PMvs. MelroseBHS
Tuesday, May 107:00 PMvs. LexingtonBHS
Saturday, May 1410:00 AMvs. BrooklineBHS
Friday, May 205:00 PMvs. WilmingtonBHS


Thursday, March 313:30 PMvs. BedfordMSMS
Thursday, April 73:45 PMvs. ReadingMSMS
Friday, April 83:45 PMvs. MedfordMSMS
Saturday, April 2310:00 AMvs. MatignonMSMS
Tuesday, April 267:00 PMvs. WatertownBHS
Tuesday, May 37:00 PMvs. BelmontBHS
Friday, May 63:45 PMvs. ArlingtonMSMS
Wednesday, May 113:45 PMvs. MatignonMSMS
Thursday, May 123:45 PMvs. StonehamMSMS
Tuesday, May 177:00 PMvs. WakefieldBHS
Wednesday, May 183:45 PMvs. Manchester EssexBHS


Monday, April 113:45 PMvs. WinchesterRahanis Park
Friday, April 153:45 PMvs. MelroseRahanis Park
Friday, April 293:45 PMvs. WilmingtonRahanis Park
Friday, May 63:45 PMvs. LexingtonRahanis Park
Monday, May 93:45 PMvs. WatertownRahanis Park
Thursday, May 123:45 PMvs. StonehamRahanis Park
Monday, May 163:45 PMvs. WakefieldRahanis Park


Wednesday, April 63:45 PMvs. ReadingRahanis Park
Friday, April 83:45 PMvs. WoburnRahanis Park
Wednesday, April 133:45 PMvs. WatertownRahanis Park
Wednesday, April 273:45 PMvs. WakefieldRahanis Park
Monday, May 23:45 PMvs. BelmontRahanis Park
Wednesday, May 43:45 PMvs. ArlingtonRahanis Park
Wednesday, May 113:45 PMvs. MelroseRahanis Park
Wednesday, May 183:45 PMvs. WilmingtonRahanis Park


Thursday, April 143:30 PMvs. MelroseBHS
Sunday, May 18:00 AMState RelaysBHS
Tuesday, May 103:30 PMvs. WilmingtonBHS
Saturday, May 218:00 AMLast Chance QualifierBHS
Saturday, May 28TBADiv. 3 State FinalsBHS
Monday, June 6TBADecathlon ChampionshipsBHS
Tuesday, June 7TBADecathlon ChampionshipsBHS