BCAT’s daily operations are overseen by a dedicated and professional staff of individuals with a passion for video production. BCAT Staff Members are active members of the community, strengthening the connection BCAT has with the Town of Burlington.

BCAT Staff Members are devoted to helping volunteers make their video productions dreams become reality, fostering a welcoming environment for those to create and collaborate with fellow community members.

  • Jen Dodge
    Jen DodgeExecutive Director
  • Tad Stephanak
    Tad StephanakSocial Media Manager & Production Coordinator
  • Chris Flaherty
    Chris FlahertyProduction Coordinator
  • Robert Zahora
    Robert ZahoraEngineer
  • Rich Hosford
    Rich HosfordNews Director
  • Robert Parris
    Robert ParrisSports and Features Reporter
  • John Viaes
    John ViaesProduction Coordinator