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Advanced Cell Therapy Company Vericel Corporation to Move HQ to Burlington

Another high tech company is looking to move its headquarters to Burlington.

The cell therapies company Verical Corporation recently received approval for special permits from both the Planning Board and the Board of Health to occupy space at 25 Network Drive in Burlington, a part of the Planning Development District owned and operated by Nordblom Company.

The new business will occupy 120,000 square feet in the 270,000 square foot facility that recently changed most of its office space to accommodate life sciences and other medically-related ventures.

“Vericel Corporation is a leader in advanced cell therapies for the sports medicine and severe burn care markets, and a developer of patient-specific expanded cell therapies for use in the treatment of patients with severe diseases and conditions,” the cover letter for the special permit application states. “Vericel currently manufactures and distributes two FDA approved autologous cell therapy products in the United States. MAC is an autologous cellularized scaffold product indicated for the repair of symptomatic, single or multiple full-thickness cartilage defects of the knee with or without bone involvement in adults. Vericel also distributes Epicel, a permanent skin replacement Humanitarian Use Device for the treatment of patients with deep-dermal or full thickness burns comprising greater than or equal to 30 percent of total body surface area.”

Vericel currently leases approximately 71,000 square feet in Cambridge and 6,000 square feet in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the cover letter explains. Vericel plans to move its headquarters to town and will conduct cell manufacturing and research and development at the Burlington facility, which will include clean rooms, laboratories, and offices.

This development comes in the wake of the medical device company Butterfly Network applying for a special permit to move its headquarters from Connecticut to The District here in Burlington.