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Wading Pool Access

The fun is the sun at the Simonds Park wading pool is going to be more accessible starting this summer thanks to a new sidewalk being installed.

The new sidewalk creates access to and from the parking lot for a child or adult that has mobility challenges like being in a wheelchair or difficulty walking. The Burlington Disability Access Commission (DAC) continues its partnership with Burlington Parks & Recreation to help make the parks in town accessible by the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  DAC Chair Maura Mazzocca explained the need for the accessway.

“This came up where the pool was not accessible to get to. The pool itself has a ramp but there was an issue of getting to the pool,” said Mazzocca.

With the total cost of the project at just over $42,000 DAC granted $15,000 from its Hanidcapped Parking Fine Fund, along with funding from the Simonds Trust. Money well spent according to Mazzocca. 

“Families can go together and siblings can play together in the pool,” said Mazzocca. “We as a commission really feel strongly about helping children with disabilities having the same access to the same programs and service that other children do.” 

Over the years DAC has contributed funding for handicapped parking, handicapped accessible porta potties and walkways at different public parks in Burlington. 

If people see a need for disabled access at a town facility or building you can reach out to DAC at 781-270-1740, email or feel free to attend one of their monthly meetings.

“We’re here to make the town more accessible. For the hard of hearing or deaf, people who need interpreters, we’ll do our best to see to those needs as best we can,” Mazzocca said. “We want to make the Town Burlington as accessible as possible.”