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BHS Fall Sports Season Come to a Close

We have a full wrap-up on all the fall sports, including those who are competing in the playoffs and when and where they will play.

Varsity Football: (3-5) 

October 27 Away: Burlington 0 Stoneham 50
Burlington had a shutout loss against the Stoneham Spartans in their final regular season game. You can check out the game in its entirety by clicking here The Red Devils will have a non-playoff game on Friday, November 4th at Varsity Field against Medford. 

Girls Varsity Volleyball: (16-4)

October 28 Home: Burlington 3 Wilmington 0

November 3 Home: Burlington VS. Milton
Now, with the regular season in the rearview mirror, the ladies are preparing for the MIAA State Tournament. Burlington is ranked the sixteenth seed in division II playoffs.  The ladies will host the seventeenth seeded Milton Wildcats (13-5) in the “Round of 32” on November 3rd at 5:30pm. BCAT will be covering the playoff game as part of our “Game of the Week”. Be sure to check it out live on Thursday on the BCATTV Facebook page. 

Varsity Cross Country:

Girls Cross Country: (1-4)

October 25 Home: Burlington 37  Melrose 20
Burlington finished with a loss against the Melrose Red Raiders in their final regular season meet. Here were the results from the meet.

1st place- J. Moore(Melrose) 20:19
2nd place- so. Ashleigh DeMartinis-20:35
3rd place- N. Breay(Melrose)-21:45
4th place-D.Thompson(Melrose)-21:46
5th place-A.Lawlor(Melrose)-21:48
6th place so. Althea Wolinkski-21:50
7th place- L. Kavanaugh(Melrose)-22:14
8th place- E. Ugnio(Melrose)-22:27
9th place- I. Vogel(Melrose)-22:59
10th place-M.Frakt(Melrose)-23:12
11th place-(Melrose)-23:52
12th place- fr. Kayla Mackie-23:53
13th place- V.Raecha (Melrose)-24:15
14th place-A. Picone (Melrose)-24:24
15th place-A. Albuja (Melrose)-24:58
16th place-K. Luellum(Melrose)-25:09
17th place- fr. Ellery Schwoebel-25:49
18th place-J. Karnacheti (Melrose)-25:56
19th place-M. Carreci (Melrose)-25:58
20th place S. Blanche(Melrose)-26:06
21st place M.Donahue(Melrose)-26:18
22nd place- C.Corr(Melrose)-26:24
23rd place-C.Ward(Melrose)-27:17
24th place-T Aultman(Melrose)-28:37

October 31 Away: Middlesex League Meet
The ladies are competing at Horn Pond in Woburn for the league meet on Halloween. In the 5K, sophomores Ashleigh DeMartinis came in 33rd place at 21:20 and Althea Wolinski came in 37th place at 21:42. You can check out the full list of results by clicking here

Boys Cross Country: (5-0)

October 25 Home: Burlington 17 Melrose 40
The outcome couldn’t have been more perfect for the Red Devils as they were named the Middlesex League Freedom Division Champions for the first time. Senior Rithikh Prakash broke his brother’s Rashab (BHS Class of 2019) course record at 15 minutes and 12 seconds. His brother’s (Rashab) course record was 15 minutes and 31 seconds. Congrats to Rithikh on achieving the accomplishment. Here are the results against Melrose. 

1st place- sr. Rithikh Prakash-15:12

2nd place- sr. Eric Sekyaya-15:51

3rd place- jr. Colin Irwin-16:09

4th place- Ellis Urilli-Hough(Melrose)-16:14

5th place- sr. Patrick Gray-16:28

6th place- so. Krish Almeida-16:33

7th place- Caleb Barnes(Melrose)-17:44

8th place- Adam Caldwell(Melrose)-17:56

9th place- Jonah Tully(Melrose)-18:17

10th place- sr. Inesh Parikh-18:36

11th place- jr. Devin Kansakar-18:42

12th place- Jad Jamaleddine(Melrose)-18:46

13th place- John Strong(Melrose)-18:46

14 place-Melrose-19:04

15th place- sr. Jack Kelley-19:09

16th place-Melrose-19:10

17th place- sr. Mihir Balsara-19:12

18th place- jr. Shaunak Rembhotkar-19:21

19th place- Pablo Leton-Camara(Melrose)-20:42

October 31 Away: Middlesex League Meet
In the league meet, senior Eric Sekyaya came in first place, while senior Rithikh Prakash finishes third. Burlington held off Wakefield and Lexington for the ML-12 All Conference Title. Check out the full list of results by clicking here

Girls Burlington/Woburn Varsity Swimming team: (1-7) 

October 19 Away: Burlington/Woburn 70 Wakefield 98

October 27 Away: Middlesex League Meet
Burlington competed in the Middlesex League Meet on October 27 at Bentley University. BNEWS Sports is waiting for the results of the meet.

November 6 Away: Sectional Meet 
Burlington will compete at Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI) on Sunday for the Sectionals Meet. We wish them luck! 

Boys Varsity Golf: (4 wins, 8 losses, 2 ties)
Senior Dillon O’Reilly competed in the Division II State Finals at the Maplegate Country Club on October 25 in Bellingham. In his performance, O’Reilly came in 11th place after shooting 75 in Bellingham. The Red Devils are losing four seniors from the team Koby Sloan, Will Curtin, Ryan Kane and O’Reilly. 

Varsity Soccer:

Girls: (5 wins, 9 losses, 4 wins)

October 29 Away: Burlington 1 Lynnfield 2
Four seniors are departing from the team this off-season Cassidy Soohoo, Katelyn Browne, Ali Restivo, Ava Restivo and Kirsten Dew.

Boys: (2 wins, 13 losses, 3 ties)

October 28 Home: Burlington 2 Waltham 1
Junior Younes Henniche scored the winning goal in the game for the Devils. Fourteen seniors are departing from the team this off-season Zack Aloisi, Theo Visco, Cooper Visco, Alex Healy, James Burke, Sam Parkin, Sahand Razzaghi, Nicolo Emanuele, Edoardo Bassani, Ryan Moradei, Tyler Basile, John Mirra, Joseph Mirra and Connor Herrera.

Girls Varsity Field Hockey: (3 wins, 13 losses, 2 ties)

October 24 Home: Burlington 1 Wilmington 0
Against the Wildcats, sophomore Lexi MacKinnon scored the lone goal in the 1-0 victory.

October 26 Home: Burlington 5 Bedford 0
Sophomore Lexi MacKinnon had another great performance as she scored all five goals in the shutout over Bedford. Three seniors are departing from the team in the off-season Leah Marshall, Haley McMakin and Julianne Pascale.