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Board of Health Grants Backyard Chicken Permit  

Chuck Carnell of 4 Westwood Street was before the Board of Health applying for a Keeping of Animals permit for four chickens.

Associate Health Inspector Samantha Hardy performed the inspection of the property for the board on March 8th. Hardy examined abutting neighbors’ lot lines and setbacks and was satisfied that Carnell has enough space in his chicken coop. Hardy informed the board that Carnell plans on composting the waste in his garden, will store the chicken feed in the basement of his home and recommended granting the Keeping of Animals permit.

Letters were sent to abutters of 4 Westwood Street with no response. However, Carnell informed the board he did have a neighbor come by with concerns. After showing the neighbor the coop and explaining the rules the town regarding having chickens the nieghbor was okay with it. 

Board of Health Chair Dr. Ed Weiner inspected the property on his own as well.

“I have no objection whatsoever,” said Dr. Weiner. 

Dr Weiner reiterated that roosters are not allowed in the Town of Burlington. Carnell assured the board that his four chicks are female. The Board of Health approved the Keeping of Animals permit 5-0-0.