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BPD Adds Four

Chief Thomas Browne is pleased to report that four new officers have graduated from the Northern Essex Community College Police Academy and started their field training programs with the Burlington Police Department.

Officer Daniel Murphy, Officer Colton Bader, Officer Joe Belsito, and Officer Richard Riley were appointed on May 24th, before they began training at the Northern Essex Community College Police Academy.

All four officers recently graduated from the academy and began approximately 10-week field training programs with more senior Burlington police officers.

“These four officers did us proud while they were at the police academy with their hard work, open minds, and persistence, and I’m pleased to have them patrolling Burlington neighborhoods while learning from more senior officers as part of our field training program,” said Chief Browne. “I hope community members will welcome and get to know them as they begin their new careers and further their already extensive training here in our community.”

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