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BPS Equity Audit Underway with New Consultant

Consultants with the group Commonwealth Consulting Agency will be on site in Burlington schools between now and June conducting an equity audit for the district. 

“Their goal – I just want to make sure I state their goal – is to assess student access to high quality programs, high quality teaching, just discipline procedures, equitable resources and root cause analysis of persistent opportunity gaps for students who have been historically marginalized,” said Superintendent of Schools Eric Conti. 

According to its website, Commonwealth Consulting Agency was founded by Kristan Rodriguez and provides professional development, training and consulting services to businesses and schools. 

The process will include analyzing data provided by the district, as well as surveys and focus groups with students and staff. 

“I’m excited we’re doing the audit, I like the timeline, and I do think they’re going to focus on quantitative data we have as a district and then supporting their conclusions with qualitative focus groups and survey work,” Conti said. 

According to the Burlington Public Schools website, an equity audit with Blackprint Educational Consulting was originally scheduled to be completed by October, 2022, but was never released.

“There’s a lot of people who have been looking for this all year, and it unfortunately got delayed, but now we’re on track, and I’m really glad, and I want to make sure we share this information,” said School Committee Member Martha Simon.

Conti said the district will work on making updated information on the audit available on the website.