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Burlington Considers Expanding LABBB

The special education collaborative LABBB, which includes Lexington, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford and Belmont, may soon need a new acronym as school committee members in all five communities consider welcoming Watertown into the program. 

“Watertown was a community that was contiguous to LABBB communities, and Watertown was willing to provide space for LABBB programming,” said Burlington Superintendent of Schools Dr. Eric Conti.

LABBB provides educational programs and support services for over 350 special needs students, and is currently experiencing “a bit of a space crunch,” Conti said, particularly for vocational programming that had been offered at the former Minuteman school before that school transitioned to a smaller facility. 

“How are we going to get a ‘W’ in there,” joked committee member Christine Monaco.

“I don’t know,” Conti replied. “‘LAWBBB’ or something? Maybe ‘LABBB Plus W?’ We’ll figure something out.” 

School committee members will look over the proposal, as well as some updates to LABBB bylaws, and vote in a later meeting. Watertown will only be admitted if the other four districts also approve the changes.