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Burlington Fire Department Assists Mother After She Delivers Baby on Route 128

Chief Andrew Connerty shares that the Burlington Fire Department assisted a mother who birthed her child along Route 128 on Thursday morning. 

On Thursday, Aug. 3 at 8:38 a.m., Burlington Fire received a call about a woman who was on her way to the hospital with her husband driving when she went into labor along Route 128. 

Upon arrival, first responders found the woman and her newborn baby boy in their vehicle on the side of the road. Firefighter/Paramedics Evan Austin and Patrick O’Halloran evaluated the mother and newborn, who were both doing well.

The family was transported to the hospital via ambulance, and they are reportedly in good health. 

The ambulance crew was assisted by Lt. Kevin Pollicelli, Firefighter/Paramedic David Rosenberger, Firefighter/Paramedic Mitchell Cunningham, Firefighter/EMT John Hanafin, and Firefighter/EMT Rob Blenkhorn. 

“The family did the right thing by calling 911, our firefighter paramedics are highly trained first responders with advanced medical skills that are critical in these situations,” said Chief Connerty. “All of us at Burlington Fire are glad that this mother and her baby are doing well, and we are happy we were able to help them during this experience. We wish them a healthy and happy future.”