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Burlington Girls Volleyball Teams Fall to Winchester

It was a battle of (1-0) teams as the Burlington Red Devils hosted Winchester.

First two games to go down were Freshmen and Junior Varsity.  The Burlington Freshmen managed to score 12 points in the first set, while Winchester had the set score of 25. With the set score at (1-0), the Red Devils were looking to answer back. They did, however they were a little under the 25 set point mark with 19. They lost the meet (0-2) in the sets and drop to (1-1) on the season.

Junior Varsity kept up with Winchester with 21 points, but was unable to reach the set score of 25 in the first set. Burlington dropped the ball in the second set as they garnished only 8 points. The Red Devils lost the meet (0-2) in the sets. Burlington is (0-2) in the early going of the season.

Now it was time for the Varsity match, the Red Devils had a tough time competing with their opponent in the first set as they put up 14 points. Isabella Kasparian helped the team out with two aces. Chloe Abuto had herself two kills, while Molly Murphy gave the Devils another ace and a kill. In the second, the Red Devils were five points away from winning the set. With Winchester being down 20-16 in the game, they miraculously found a way to comeback against the Devils 25 to 22.

In set three, it was all or nothing for Burlington since the were down (0-2) in the sets. Molly Murphy was at it again with another kill. Chloe Abuto had three blocks while Isabella Kasparian had an ace and Mia Abramo made a kill. They were so close, but so far as their opponent came away with the win 25-21.

The Red Devils lost to Winchester (0-3) in the sets and drop to (1-1) on the season. They will be visiting the Rockets on Wednesday, September 15 to face Reading.

You can watch the varsity highlights by clicking here