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Burlington High School Career Exploration Fair 

The future workforce was in the Burlington High School cafeteria on Feb. 2 at the “Career Exploration Fair”.

Students gained exposure to an array of professions and possible careers and the businesses learned something about their prospective work pool.  

Heather Northrop, Associate Principal at BHS and Health Educator Amy Doughty were the key organizers behind the event. 

“We wanted to extend opportunities for our students to learn outside the building and to know what’s available for careers,” said Doughty. 

Northrop said around 50 businesses were involved from areas like wealth management, accounting, STEM, law, police and fire, healthcare and the military. 

“The kids have been very engaged, they’ve talked to various organizations, some of them are local, some of them a little bit further away. The kids have been very interested in what’s happening,” Northrop said.

Organizers Heather Northrop and Amy Doughty thank all the participants who came and were happy to help inform students on a variety of fields available to them.