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Burlington Holiday Home Tour A Success for Womenade

It’s safe to say there will be a second Burlington Holiday Home Tour next season.

That’s because the 2022 event held on Dec. 6 raised over $900 for Burlington’s Womenade, an organization of women with a goal to help local families who are in need or in crisis.

Womenade is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families in need. Each family is different, it could be the loss of a job, an illness, an injury, etc.

“When we host an event for a family, 100 percent of the money raised will go directly to that family,” said Nicole Dupuis, a volunteer organizer for Womenade.

Although named Burlington Womenade, Dupuis points out that assistance goes beyond the town’s borders.

“We also support towns that are connected to Burlington or someone who moved out of state but has ties here,” she said.

 Inspiration for the event came from in-house.

“We were trying to think of something to do for local charity, and my husband actually came up with it that we should do some kind of holiday home tour, and then it kind of came together,” said Susan Kadilak of Kadilak Realty Group.

The tour offered three specially selected Burlington homes decorated for the holidays.

Drinks, appetizers and raffles were offered at the end of the tour, at the office of Kadilak Realty Group.

“Susan and Paul have been big supporters to Womenade over the years,” Dupuis said. “So we were excited when they asked us if we wanted to work with them on this event.”

 Dupuis said there are seven women who are on the board for Womenade.

“We are all moms with careers and kids, so as you can imagine, we are very busy,” she said.

Four years ago, however, they joined the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and now they’re tapped into a network with a big charitable heart.

 “We now are able to help people, without always having an event for them,” Dupuis aid.

When asked if the Holiday Home Tour will became an annual event, both Dupuis and Kadilak said in unison, “Yes!”