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Burlington Players Planning for New Seats for Audiences

The Burlington Players are in the works to update their seats for both the comfort of their guests and to make sure everyone can easily see the stage.

Board of Directors Chair Robert Hallisey and member Jason Toppan were at last week’s Parks & Recreation Commission meeting to present a proposal for new seats with slight alterations to the layout. The playhouse on Edgemere Avenue is town-owned and under the purview of the commission, who must sign off on any construction projects.

“For those of you who have been to the theater you would have noticed the seats were uncomfortable,” Hallisey said. “They were cloth and some head tears and some had springs that were coming through.”

He added that the location of some seats meant audience members had to crane their necks to fully see the stage.

Toppan outlined the proposed project, saying they are looking to replace the current 80 seats with 78 new ones with seats from Hussey Seating in Maine. The plan calls for 67 fixed seats and 11 freestanding interlocking seats for the front two rows. Toppon said the freestanding seats would make it easier for them to be ADA compliant as they can be moved to fit in wheelchairs.

They also plan to expand Section 2 because it is universally agreed that those seats are the best in the house. Section 1, closest to the stage, will be altered slightly to allow viewers to observe the shows without developing neck pain.

Toppan said they also plan to redo the steps leading to the seats and add markings, lights and handrails.

“It will be a significant improvement over what is in the space today,” he said.

Toppan said the plans have been drafted but are subject to changes from the Building Department. He emphasized that they would diligently follow any feedback from the inspectors.

Members of the commission said they thought the project looked good.

“I love it, it looks great,” Chair Kevin Sullivan said. “The only concern I would have, that you already addressed, is the Building Inspector approving everything so that we don’t find we did something in violation.”

The commission voted 4-0 to approve the project.