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Burlington Public Schools Report 11 Positive COVID Cases in Past Week

Burlington Public Schools have reported eleven cases of COVID-19 since last Monday.

On March 23 they reported a case with a student or teacher in Cohort A at Burlington High School. Contact tracing was initiated and anyone determined to be a close contact, defined as anyone within six feet of the individual for longer than 10 minutes, had to quarantine and was recommended to get tested.

Also on March 23 they reported two cases at Francis Wyman Elementary School, one in a third grade class and one in a fourth grade class. It was determined there were no close contacts because the individuals were not in the school during the contagious period.

On March 24 they reported one case in an eight grade class of Cohort B at Marshall Simonds Middle School. Here too they determined there were no close contacts as the individual was not in school during the contagious period.

On March 26 it was reported that a student or teacher in a 6th grade blue, cohort A classroom at Marshall Simonds Middle School tested positive. In this case they moved the classroom to remote learning out of an abundance of caution. The classroom is scheduled to return to the school on Monday, April 5.

On March 28 there was a reported case in a fourth grade class at Francis Wyman Elementary. As per district policy, the class was removed to remote for 10 days. On that day there was also a reported case in the Kindergarten Francis Wyman After School Program. Due to this they closed the Kindergarten After School Program until Monday, April 5.

Also on March 28 another case was reported at Burlington High School in Cohort A. Contract tracing was initiated and anybody found to be a close contact began to quarantine.

Finally, on March 29 there were three cases reported at the high school. Once again the school and Board of Health began contact tracing and will require anyone who was a close contact to quarantine.

In all cases of positive tests, the Burlington Public Schools and the Board of Health will contact the parents of any student determined to be a close contact. If you do not hear from them you can infer your student was not considered to be at risk.