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Burlington Receives Grant for Energy Efficiency

The Town of Burlington recently applied for and received a Gap Energy Grant specifically targeted toward improving energy efficiencies at Water Treatment facilities. The Gap Energy Grants are administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), which operates the initiative under its Clean Energy Results Program.

Always attempting to improve energy efficiencies in Burlington, the DPW is taking the opportunity to install the first town-side solar project on the roof of the Mill Pond Water Treatment Plant.

The total cost of this project is $197,561. The Town will be responsible for paying 10% of those costs ($19,756), and the State, through this Gap Energy Grant, will cover the remaining $177,805. Burlington also anticipates additional revenue from the Massachusetts SMART plan at the tune of $10,719.

In addition to a solar array, this grant will also pay for the weatherization of the facility (duct insulation and window-weather stripping).

Public Works plans to work with RISE Engineering on this project as they have done many energy efficiency projects for the town  over the past 3 years.