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Burlington Resident Presented with Grand Lodge of Masons’ Highest Honor

A Burlington resident has received the highest recognition from the oldest fraternal organizations in existence.

The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts presented its highest award and honor to Burlington resident Elliot Chikofsky.

“The prestigious Henry Price Medal, worn by the very top officers of the Grand Lodge, is only given to others for truly exceptional and exemplary service to the Fraternity,” a release states.

“Brother Chikofsky’s extraordinary dedication and accomplishments have been instrumental in enabling the success of our Lodges, member services, and charity projects across the Commonwealth,” said Grand Master Richard Maggio. “Over more than a decade, he has founded and built Information Services for the Grand Lodge with capabilities that reach and support Masonic activities and the Brethren statewide. The Masonic license plates, the Statehouse cornerstone rededication, and growth of our home-loan medical equipment charity work have been achievable because of Brother Chikofsky’s database and administrative expertise.”

As Grand Master, Maggio is the direct successor in office to Paul Revere, who was Grand Master from 1795 to 1797, the release states. The Grand Master carries the Old English honorific of “Most Worshipful” in recognition of respect for his office and fraternal leadership.

This special award medal bears the image of Henry Price, who in 1733 became the first Grand Master of Masons in the Western Hemisphere, the release continues. He founded the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on July 30, 1733 at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern in Boston under a charter from the Freemasons of England. In 1736, Grand Master Price issued a charter to Benjamin Franklin to establish a Masonic Lodge at Philadelphia.

A Burlington resident, Elliot Chikofsky is a member and Past Master of the William Parkman Masonic Lodge, meeting in Woburn and spanning Winchester and Burlington. He is a management and IT consultant as well as an adjunct faculty member teaching at Northeastern University in Boston. Chikofsky is a Director and the Foundation Secretary for the Masons’ Hospital Equipment Loan Program (HELP) charity at 500 West Cummings Park in Woburn. He has also served as a Burlington Town Meeting Member and as a Trustee of the Burlington Public Library.

“The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is the statewide governing body of the Freemasons, the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization,” the release concludes. “Freemasonry aims to promote Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love among its members — men from every race, religion, opinion, and background — who choose to come together as Brothers to develop and strengthen the bonds of friendship. There are more than 3 million members meeting in every free country in the world. Freemasonry helps good men make themselves better by teaching — with metaphors taken from geometry and architecture — about building values based on great universal truths. And of course, charity and community service is fundamental to this and something Freemasons actively take part in and lead. “