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Burlington Rotary Names Dottie Yeadon its ‘Unsung Hero’

The Rotary Club of Burlington said it is pleased to announce that Burlington Resident Dottie Yeadon was recently honored as their “Unsung Hero” for all she does for the community of Burlington.

“Dottie is a local bus driver that has driven hundreds and thousands of children throughout the years; whether it was a sporting event or her traditional bus route,” the group said. “Dottie is a warm and loving woman who is always helping others. Dottie is also a member of the Burlington Hall of Fame and was Citizen of the Year this past July.”

Recently, many in the Burlington community have participated in events in support of Yeardon after she was diagnosed with cancer, including many high school sports teams she drove to games.

Photo, from left: Tracey Yeadon Healey, Dottie Yeadon and Rotary President Beverlee Vidoli