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The Future of the Burlington Sculpture Park

As reported by BNEWS May Town Meeting approved $20,000 for the Burlington Sculpture Park Committee to lease new sculptures for the next two years, purchase and relocate one of the remaining sculptures and improvements to the Sculpture Park site. Sculpture Park Committee President Barbara L’Heureux and member Jon Sachs were before the Select Board seeking approval for the second round of installations, the relocation of the purchased “Follow Your Heart” sculpture, site improvements and a commitment to the park’s location. 

The request to move the “Follow Your Heart” sculpture to the corner of the Town Common near the “Havoc” American Dog sculpture was approved as was the installation of new sculptures. L’Heureux presented proposed plans involving renovations to the site and the Sculpture Park’s permanence.  

“Our vision for the park right now is for that to be a testing ground. We would bring new sculptures in on a two year basis and we can see which sculptures resonate with the community. Through those two years we can raise money and purchase the ones that really speak to Burlington and move them outside the park to permanent locations,” explained L’Heureux. 

The proposal included the possibility of moving sculptures to the Town Common, in front of municipal buildings, selling them to local businesses and a ‘sculpture walk’ to complement the treehouse going in at Simonds Park. There was discussion of the conflict with the Historical Commission’s claim to the use of the land and the possibility of the police station needing the site in the future. L’Heureux pointed out they are reluctant to go forward with improvements if the board could not give assurances of the park’s permanence. 

With the issue needing a conversation between the Historical Commission and the Sculpture Park Committee and to avoid imprudent spending of Town Meeting voted funding it was decided to postpone a vote on the improvements and longevity of the Sculpture Park until the next Select Board meeting on June 27th.