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Burlington Sees Rise in Positive COVID-19 Cases with Presence of BA.5 Subvariant

According to health experts and multiple media reports, the COVID-19 virus is on the rise again due to the presence of the BA.5 variant.

According to the Boston Globe, experts disagree on whether BA.5 is more contagious or troublesome than previous subvariants.

The numbers of new confirmed cases in Massachusetts shows the Commonwealth is no exception. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on Thursday, there were 10,250 new confirmed cases reported during the past 7 days bringing the total to 1,793,437 total confirmed cases.

More locally, Burlington has seen an increase in new cases over the summer. According to MassDPH, which issues a weekly report showing the number of new confirmed cases over a two week period, the town had 76 new cases reported on June 30. It had 79 new cases reported on July 7 and it had 93 new cases on July 17. In the latest report, released on July 21, Burlington showed 96 new cases over the last two weeks.

The Globe also reports that these numbers may not be reflective of the whole picture because many more people are testing at home and not necessarily reporting positive results to the state.