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Burlington’s Governor’s Council District Has Competitive Race – But What Does the Council Do?

There is a competitive Democratic primary race for Massachusetts Governor’s Council District 3. Burlington, along with other municipalities in Middlesex County, Norfolk, Suffolk and Worcester County, make up District 3.

Challenger Mara Dolan (D-Concord) is challenging longtime incumbent Marilyn Petitto Devaney (D-Watertown) for the seat. Devaney has been on the council since 1999.

We will have candidate profiles on both women this week but first, what is the Governor’s Council and what roles does it perform?

According to the state website, the Massachusetts Governor’s Council, also known as the Executive Council, is composed of eight individuals elected from districts, and the Lieutenant Governor who serves ex officio. The eight councilors are elected from their respective districts every two years.

As to its function it is primarily focused on guidance for the administration and other agencies in the state government.

“The council meets weekly to record advice and consent on warrants for the state treasury, pardons and commutations, and recording advice and consent to gubernatorial appointments such as judges, clerk-magistrates, public administrators, members of the Parole Board, Appellate Tax Board, Industrial Accident Board and Industrial Accident Reviewing Board, notaries, and justices of the peace,” the site states.

Members of the public are welcome at council formal assemblies and hearings.

Each council district is made up of municipalities from around the state rather than a block of cities and towns as you see with a congressional district. Click Here to see the make-up of the districts.