Candidate Profiles

Candidate Questions: Shawsheen Tech School Committee Candidate Mike Kelly

1: Why are you seeking to be elected or re-elected to this position?

I am seeking the position of Shawsheen Tech School Committee Member because I believe I can bring a different and much needed perspective to the Board. This perspective comes from being a student and graduate of Shawsheen. I believe that we are in a critical point in our education system, one that needs a fresh perspective. I want to make sure that the Burlington students whether currently attending or planning on attending Shawsheen, will have a voice and recognition they deserve, while at the same time giving a voice to all of our students. I want to make sure that the Staff is given the necessary tools to properly educate our students in a fiscally prudent way.

2: What do you see as the most important role of the committee?

To ensure that we meet the educational standards that our students need to compete in the 21st century economy, while maintaining fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers.

3: What do you think are the most pressing issues for the committee over the next couple of years?

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges over the past year, and will continue to present challenges as we move forward. We need to make sure that our students are receiving the proper education that meets the high academic standards that they need to graduate. We need to make sure the students are ready to enter a 21st century workforce, or move onto higher education if they so choose. We may have to look at some form of continuing education programs as well, either during the summer or after graduation to help our students, especially our trade students, entering the workforce.

4: What makes you a strong candidate for the committee?

I am a strong candidate for the board for many reasons. Being a graduate of Shawsheen, as well as my experience serving on Town Meeting and the Ditson Re-Use Committee in Billerica, I understand the culture of politics and the Committee. I understand budgets and the budget process. I have the perspective of being a former student and will understand their needs as well as the staff’s. Because of this I will be open-minded to their concerns. I will have an open line of communication with them and the community.

5: What would you say to voters to encourage them to vote for you? (open question, answer however you like).

I am asking for your support and to vote for me, Michael Kelly, on Saturday April 10, 2021 because I want our children back into the classroom with full in-person learning. I want to get back to our strong State Standards that we had, to ensure our students are ready for the 21st century. I believe, as technology improves, we must embrace this to help deliver an education that prepares our students for the 21st century. I ask that you vote for me, Michael Kelly, on Saturday April 10, 2021, as I will be a voice for Burlington Students.