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Candidate Questions: Town Clerk Candidate Amy Warfield

We asked the two candidates for Burlington Town Clerk the same five questions to give voters a look into why they are running and what they would hope to achieve on the board.

Here we have the answers from incumbent Amy Warfield, who thus far is the only one of the candidates to respond:

1: Why are you seeking to be elected or re-elected to this position?

A: It’s a job I love. It is my privilege to serve the residents and businesses of Burlington. It’s also a job I’m well qualified for.

2: What do you see as the most important role of the Town Clerk?

The most important role is that of the person seeking your assistance. From the person needing death certificates at their time of loss; to those exercising their vote; to facilitating the orderly operation of a Town meeting; to satisfying Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests; to the timely processing of meeting postings and agendas to facilitate public access; these are all important to the Clerk when they need to handled.

Identifying “a most important role” of the Town Clerk can’t be defined. However, laws and regulations dictate almost 400 responsibilities of the Town Clerk position which everyone expects you to have up to date, all the time.

3: What do you think are the most pressing issues for the position over the next couple of years?

One of the most pressing issues will be elections in a changing social political climate. There is legislation currently under development which will affect our processes, methods and requirements. Our voting equipment is reaching the end of its life and needs replacing. This new equipment will require developing new processes and training of the election workers and voters. One of the important qualities of the Clerk’s job is reputation and trust. With the current social political climate, it will take someone with experience who can remain fair and neutral to retain the trust of the residents.

The economic impact of COVID on tax receipts and budgets will be challenging. Continuing to improve our business processes and productivity will be difficult in this environment. If you don’t understand the process to begin with, improving operations and making changes is almost impossible.

As a result of the Federal Census precincts will need to be redefined to ensure equal representation. Due to COVID, this has been delayed until the Fall. Having participated in this process 10 years ago, I have the experience necessary for this activity.

4: What makes you a strong candidate for the position?

My experience as the Burlington Town Clerk for the past 10 years combined with my numerous courses and certifications have me well equipped to be Town Clerk.

I demonstrate leadership in a variety of ways leading my staff, interdepartmental projects and implementing state systems. These include development of new town web site and implementing, an interdepartmental electronic permitting system for processing Building and Zoning records. These improvements have enhanced communication and sharing between all parties. When the state created an on-line death registry, I took a major role working with Lahey Clinic and our local funeral homes to facilitate its successful rollout.

The Clerk’s office has a stellar reputation for its Customer Service and working with citizens as they engage with Town government. We safely remained open and dedicated to provide our residents and businesses a high level of service even during COVID.

It’s my honor and pleasure to work as your Town Clerk. This is not a 9 to 5 job. It requires many evenings, weekends and extended days to complete the roles and responsibilities of this position.

5: What would you say to voters to encourage them to vote for you? (open question, answer however you like).

I have demonstrated the Experience, Leadership, Dedication and Service required for this job. Voting for Town Clerk is a serious decision that will affect the town for the next 5 years. I encourage you to examine the qualifications and motivations of each of the candidates

Being your Town Clerk is not a job. It’s my privilege to be able to enable your participation in democracy, record the events of your lives, and help you engage with town government. I ask you to vote for me, Amy Warfield, on April 10.