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Community Public Health & Scientific Faculty Gets Go Ahead

The Burlington Board of Health voted to establish the town’s first Community Public Health & Scientific Faculty (CPHSF).  

Board Chair Dr. Ed Weiner, Director of Public Health Susan Lumenello and Associate Director of Public Health Michael Greene have been working for some time to develop the volunteer faculty of about a 100 people. Weiner spoke to the motivation for starting the CPHSF. 

“If individuals have questions, individuals would like a speaker, if non-profits would like an educator to come and speak to their group, then we have a list of people who have been CORIed and who’ve been vetted that we can offer to come out and speak,” explained Wiener.

Those of the scientific community, elected officials and people with special backgrounds will be courted to become part of the CPHSF.

“It’s an experiment,” said Wiener. “It’s something the corporate world does, the only difference is it’s a volunteer faculty.”

Associate Director of Public Health Michael Greene informed the board they’ve drafted a cover letter to be signed and have an application the Board of Health will be sending out to the public health and scientific members of the community to recruit quality trainers and speakers to the CPHSF.

Click Here to view the application on the Town of Burlington website.