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Conti Aims to Have New Assistant In Place By July 1

Superintendent of Burlington Public Schools Eric Conti hopes to have the job notice for a new assistant superintendent posted within the next couple of weeks.

His timeline, expressed at the School Committee Meeting Tuesday night, is to form committees — including community members — to interview several candidates in January and February, with an eye toward making a selection in March.

Conti has shared the draft job posting with staff and other school districts that have made hires for this position more recently for their input.

“Again, I don’t want to rush,” Conti said. “I want to make sure we have a great pool and want to make sure that, again, you’re all aware of the process and what’s going on.”

As he handed out the job posting he stressed that this is an early draft, a work in progress. The posting was not read aloud at the meeting.

School Committee member Christine Monaco had one comment.

“I just wanted to express my concern that we emphasize curriculum,” she said.

She added that the school system’s curriculum is in need of work, and that it has not been “kept up” to where she would like to see it the past year or two. Monaco wants to see someone in place who “loves” curriculum work.

“And there are not many people who love curriculum work, so that can be a challenge,” she said.

With current Assistant Superintendent Patrick Larkin on sabbatical until the close of the school year, Conti said he’d like to see the new hire begin July 1.