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COVID-19 Cases Continue to Increase in Burlington and Other Massachusetts Communities

If recent numbers are any indication, the end of the COVID-19 pandemic may not be as near as we hope.

According to the latest data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health released on Thursday, the 14-day average of daily incidents in Burlington was up to 20.8% on April 14th, a significant increase from 13.6% on April 7th, and the 9.8% reported on March 31st. On March 24th Burlington’s 14-day average of daily incidents was at 7.4 %.

14 Day Average Daily Incidence Rate

04/14 20.8
04/07 13.6
03/31 9.8
03/24 7.4

Burlington’s percent positivity rate was 5.07%, up from 3.54% on April 7th, and 2.63% reported on March 31st. On March 24th Burlington was at 2.05% positivity rate.

14 Day Percent Positivity Rate

04/14 5.07
04/07 3.54
03/31 2.63
03/24 2.05

Burlington has reported a total number of 5,159 cases this week. Last week the reported case was 5,113. The number of cases reported on March 31st was 5077. The total number of cases on March 24th was 5055.

Total COVID Cases Reported in Burlington

04/14 5159
04/07 5113
03/31 5077
03/24 5055

This is an unfortunate trend across the entire state of Massachusetts. Nearly 75% of communities in the state reported an increase in cases, due to the omicron sub-variant BA.2.

As always, health experts recommend the best way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to receive your COVID-19 vaccine and booster, and to continue wearing a mask and social distance when in heavily crowded areas.