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Cuddle-Pets Pet Care

Cuddle-Pets Pet Care is an entrepreneurial venture by 8 year old Hannah Kadilak. Hannah is a Burlington resident going into 3rd grade at Fox Hill Elementary. Inspired to enter the pet care industry to help fund her own canine companion Hannah is holding an informal Cuddle-Pets Pet Care meet and greet this Saturday at the Rahanis Field.

“Well I wanted to get a dog of my own so I figured I could earn some money to do that,” Hannah told BNEWS.

The Kadilak family has 6 chickens and a dog named Sydney. Hannah loves animals especially dogs, cats and bunnies.

“On June 1st when I was almost getting out of school I did a report about adopting a dog and that got me into reading about dog training. And I watched a bunch of videos about training dogs and studied the books,” said Hannah.

Hannah says Cuddle-Pets Pet Care will provide dog walking and feeding visits to someone’s home, overnight stays and pet sitting while people run errands. They can also arrange for a pet to be dropped off at the Kadilak home or meet at a local park.

Hannah is the sole proprietor of Cuddle-Pets Pet Care however her mother Nicci Kadilak assures all of Hannah’s business endeavors have full adult supervision.

“She is not working all by herself but she is the brains behind the operation,” said Hannah’s mother Nicci. “All by herself she created the website, she bought supplies with her own money and did all the branding on Canva.”

Click Here to visit the Cuddle-Pets Pet Care website.

Hannah will be hosting her own networking event for Cuddle-Pets Pet Care this Saturday 12:30pm to 3:30pm at the Rahanis Field adjacent to the Burlington Dog Park.

“You’re going to be able to walk around with your pet and people can share information. We’re going to have light refreshments for people, and water and treats for the dogs,” according to Hannah. “It’s kind of a promotional event so I’m hoping to get more clients.”

Hitting the pavement, Hannah also handed out flyers she designed at the recent “Made in Burlington” event that took place at the American Legion where she gave interested people information about Cuddle-Pets Pet Care.

Already experienced in business ventures, Hannah and some friends were featured in a Wicked Local article in May for their “Snack Shack” to raise money for charitable efforts like Black Lives Matter and American India Foundation.

Being an upstart Hannah informed BNEWS Cuddle-Pets Pet Care prices are moderate compared to similar services.