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DEI Committee Update 

The Select Board discussed the future of the town’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. The DEI Committee was created as an Ad Hoc Committee to report back to the Select Board in 1 years’ time. As reported by BNEWS, a final report was presented in November 2022.

Select Board Chair Nick Priest, and DEI Committee member, talked about creating a framework on DEI for strategic initiatives to be developed. Board member Jim Tigges considered a course of action.

“I’d be relying on members of that committee to at least let us know what direction or what they want to focus on,” remarked Tigges.

Member Mike Espejo brought up the possibility of using an outside source for DEI education. 

“I think the work should be continued, it’s important work,” said Espejo. “Maybe get a third party to come in and run training for us might be a little more effective, more focused,” said Espejo. 

Chair Priest reiterated the need for a more targeted direction of DEI in Burlington. 

“This is an ongoing thing that warrants discussion but in the context of the whole government; how do we create the framework for it to live,” Priest said.

The DEI discussion was continued to the Select Board’s next meeting.