Bostonlights Logo Child Box Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience

Franklin Park Zoo

Boston Lights is back again, illuminating Franklin Park Zoo’s 72-acres with a stunning array of all-new lanterns and lights! Come face-to-face with an ice-breathing dragon and more fantastical creatures in […]

Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway 

Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway

A 230-mile trail for Greater Boston that’s accessible from over a dozen MBTA buses, commuter-rail stations and accessible to Burlington.  

North Bridge Battlefield Walk

Minuteman National Park

Minuteman National Park invited you to moments of great importance that hinge upon individuals making decisions in the heat of the moment. At Concord’s North Bridge on April 19, 1775 […]


Volunteers Needed for Burlington Lawn Mowers Dream Team

The dream team is seeking volunteers at least 14 years old who will mow lawns, weed whack, pull weeds, and trim hedges for the elderly, veterans, single parents, injured, and financially distresses residents. Retirees are encouraged to volunteer too, and each person will never have to volunteer alone. We assisted 267 times in 2022.

Be Part of the 4th of July Parade in 2024!

The Burlington 4th of July Parade wants you in next year's parade. Enter your business and community and organizations are welcome.
Email them and be added to the lineup at